Meet Lauren

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I couldn’t find online resources for students with autism…

I quickly turned to Teachers-Pay-Teachers to find materials online to support my students. I found incredible print-outs and worksheets, but very little online materials. My students were all fascinated with iPads and computers, but I couldn’t find a website or interactive online materials built specifically for children with autism and moderate learning disabilities. In that classroom, room 214, the idea for Diverse Learning Hub was born. 


Welcome to Diverse learning hub! I’m lauren lashmet

My name is Lauren Lashmet. I am a special education teacher living in Northern California. I came up with the idea of Diverse Learning Hub during my experience teaching in a cluster program in while serving as a Teach For America corps member in Chicago. During my time as a TFA corps member, I had thirteen 6-8 grade students with autism, two teacher aides, and almost no materials. 


i am committed to supporting your students!

Check out our freebie social stories, “Frustration” and “Walking in the Hallway” to get a sense of our site. Can’t wait to support your children and students through their academic and life journeys!


Diverse learning hub supports special needs students in real life situations!

I wanted to build something that supported my students, not only academically, but in real life situations as well. Diverse Learning Hub integrates mathematics with functional skills such as cooking and grocery shopping. Our goal is for students to use this site as a tool to learn social behaviors, life skills, and functional skills to help students thrive in the real world!